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Porn Addiction and Ways to gain Freedom. by StephenWise

Individuals who suffer from sex addiction are driven by a powerful urge for sexual stimulation and satisfaction, which may compel the person to engage in risky behavior such as visiting prostitutes or spending large sums of money and time surfing the Internet for pornography. Pornography addiction is thus closely related with sex addiction. This behavior often occurs during work or in other inappropriate situations. Some people may continually seek sexual affairs and engage in dangerous behavior such as exposing themselves or masturbating in public. The behavior is repeated frequently, despite the risk. You can deliver yourself.

There are so many ways to deal and deliver yourself from addictions such as pornographic addictions. So many researchers have listed and emphasized on them too, but I am going to give, in this article, 6 technological ways and Here are a few basic ways to break addiction and gain freedom, if you want it. Science has discovered our brains are wired similar to a c…

If Happiness is a "choice", What About Misery?

Most of the times i hear folks saying "happiness is a choice". my question remains, If happiness is a choice, what about misery? does it mean that those that are happy have chosen to be happy, and those experiencing miseries have chosen to be in misery?
As far as am concern, "the perception of  happiness being a choice comes from the hedonistic perspective of what happiness means".Do you really care to know really what happiness is? there is a book here that have sold more than 300 e-copies in one month.
A book dedicated for traumatized folks; to women, men and teenagers who finds happiness in most unlikely of places.

You Too Can be Happy is a very interesting inspirational and motivational book that contains ethics that gave a resounding delineation about the 3 main traditional theories of happiness, and teaching what an authentic happiness is and how to arrive at authentic happiness.
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