Sir I am really confused and tired of life… I feel that me, serving God is not showing in me. Sir, is suicide the best option to rest from emotional torture?
This was a challenging question I received from an emotionally depressed fellow shortly before this article.

Suicide is a complex issue involving numerous factors and should not be attributed to any one single cause. Not all people who die by suicide have been diagnosed with a mental illness and not all people with a mental illness attempt to end their lives by suicide.

People who experience suicidal thoughts and feelings are suffering with tremendous emotional pain. People who have died by suicide typically had overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, despair, and helplessness. Suicide is not about a moral weakness or a character flaw. People considering suicide feel as though their pain will never end and that suicide is the only way to stop the suffering.

Psychologist and sociologist have so many things to say about suicide, and so many preventive measures have been mapped out in order to save people from committing suicide. E.g.,

  •  Reducing access to the means of suicide (e.g. pesticides, medication, guns).
  •  Treating people with mental disorders (particularly those with depression,   alcoholism, and schizophrenia).
  •   Providing follow-up to people who have made suicide attempts.
  •  Responsible media reporting.
  •   Training primary health care workers.
  •   Mental health promotion.

Stephen Wise is an experienced life coach and a happiness mentor who maintained that suicide could continue on a very high rate if the society should hold on strictly on the above listed preventive measures.

He wrote: for suicide to be actively prevented, or for any individual to kill completely the thought of suicide, especially when faced with emotional pains and torture, she or he should do the following:

-    Get a good life coach: life coaching is a widely accepted talking therapy in our contemporary time. A life coach will help you kill the vices in you and wake up the virtues that you have in you without you knowing you have them. Every individual need a life coach regardless of your status. You can get yourself a mentor today, click here so that risk of suicide thoughts will be completely taken care of.

-    Quit that Toxic association: Sir, all my mates that we started together are graduating by next month…they are saying things wrongly about me, gossiping me up and down that am from a retched family, that my parents don’t have money, I am confused. I feel like to fall inside the sea and drown. Hey! Who told you that peoples’ opinion has something to do with you success in life? Quit the company of those who has nothing to contribute in your life. They can only be your good friends when you are up, but when you’re down you will definitely become a laughing stock. Why not leave that can of people and focus?

-    Create avenues for nontoxic friendship:  My progress and success in the Philippines started when I boldly turned down toxic friendship, and decided to look for people who has values to add into my life. People that can give me without going to the national dailies to broadcast it. When you allow people who can talk to you when you are emotionally down, people who can give you positive guideline to your success, you will discover that you have a lot of reasons to live.

-  Focus on what goes well for you: Are you so used to focusing on your problems that they are all you see? Next time you catch yourself dwelling on problems or complaints about yourself or your day, find something positive to counter it. Each day, write down 3 good things about yourself or 3 things that went well that day because of your action or effort. Do not totally condemn yourself for it can only be call the work of low self-esteem.

-   Go Within: This is the key to a whole enterprise. If you can direct your mind introspectively (with imperturbable commitments and steady application), before you could know it, you will be consciously arriving at certain admirable principles. What you must do is to direct your attention to the unchanged inner regions: the areas of thoughts, feelings, reactions and actions you are going to take, all of which constitutes the measure of your mind.

-    Transcend Happiness: When the will becomes powerful enough to take on any desire, the discriminating intellect awakens. This, maybe referred to as the center of discrimination. It views the whole situation, and helps us to arrive at a balanced and wise decision, that benefits the larger. good instead of our selfish purposes. The intellect in turn, helps us to move beyond duality. We become increasingly aware that our mind vacillates between likes and dislikes, pains and pleasure.

-    Learn the habit of reading: The problem we have is that some of us don’t read. We prefer playing away our times than to read and gain knowledge. Look out for books today! To get the bestselling book about happiness, Click here

   Suicide risk can be reduced with individual and societal commitments to social justice, equality and equity including but not limited to addressing and speaking out on such issues as stigma, homophobia, racism, institutional poverty, misogyny, abuse, oppression, and patriarchy along with ensuring access to effective and appropriate psychological and medical treatment and support. Many suicides occur in a period of improvement when the person has the energy and the will to turn despairing thoughts into destructive action. Individuals also have a very big role to play in suicide prevention by doing the listed above, in order to avoid the risk of such thought.

   Stephen Wise Boniface is an international life coach, a Happiness mentor, Leadership mentor, author and speaker. Join StWise Happiness Republic, click here or visit our official website @
      we help you out from danger.


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