The contemporary society (21th century) is descending into what I termed as “Religious Madness”, using Christianity as a focal point, there are so many unnecessary aberrations, dementia, derangement, lunacy, or insanity as the case may be, or you may put it in your own word for your own personal consumption. Humanity is proceeding down a dark path to immanent oblivion with the slope of that decline accelerating and even the common men and women on the street and market places can feel the wrongness of everything that is going on in the Christendom.
As we all know, there are many religion in the world, known and unknown, I have been to some for research purposes. But Christianity, which is the most popular and recognized religion in the world today is uncontrollably derailing on daily bases as a result of the “literary” translation and understanding of the Christian Holy Book, “Bible”. The Bible is a Holy Book according to our belief as Christians; written by men, under the inspiration and direction of the Holy Spirit.
God is God, He is not a man. Man is man, he is not God! And the canal man cannot understand the thing and doing of the Holy Spirit. I heard of one guy preaching in a moving bus, that he has read and understood the scripture from Genesis to Revelation. For him, he knows everything about the Holy Bible having gone through that Bible from cover to cover. Nonsense and madness!
So many scholars have allowed their philosophies to overcome and over shadow their theology, and as a result of this, the scripture is passing through “literary” translation instead of “allegorical”.


Literary: According to the English oxford dictionary, Literary is concerning the writing, study, or content of literature, especially of the kind valued for quality of form.
And Merriam Webster has as: of, relating to, or having the characteristics of humane learning or literature.

Allegory: The expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence. It is a symbolic representation.
Our world abounds with allegory. We encounter it in stories, movies, songs, paintings—anywhere that symbolism is used. An allegory is a work of written, oral, or visual expression that uses symbolic figures, objects, and actions to convey truths or generalizations about human conduct or experience. The word traces back to the Greek word allēgorein meaning "to speak figuratively."
Christianity according to is the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians  believed that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, sent by God. They believe that Jesus, by dying and rising from the dead, made up for the sin of Adam and thus redeemed the world, allowing all who believe in him to enter heaven. Christians rely on the Bible as the inspired word of God. (See also gospel, Nativity, Resurrection, salvation, and Sermon on the Mount.)
Thinking deeply from this definition of Christianity, one should know that Christianity is a religion of the spirit. Christians rely on the Bible as the inspired word of God therefore must be taken as the word of God and not the word of man.

Literary translation of the Bible. Permit me to say that so many denomination leaders or pastors and self-acclaimed men of God (the Pentecostals) has taken the scripture as a child’s play. They are incomprehensively putting God to the test. They hold on to some verses of the scripture to back up there spiritual jargons and futile incantations. Some of their confused bible verses include, Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you”. Matthew 18:8 “If your hand or your foot causes you to fall into sin, cut it off and throws it away. It is better for you to enter eternal life in heaven crippled or lame than to have two hands and two feet and be thrown into the eternal fire”. Brother, all these are 
allegorical teaching in the scripture, and should and must be understood allegorically; the literary translation of it manifests in abusive Christianity.
I watched on social media, a pastor bragging to be a man of God that he can resist a snake bite by praying and calling the name of God, for God has given him authority to do so.  I have also heard about a man of God holding a raw egg in his folded palms until the egg is cooked done and ready to eat. I also watched a Christian denomination in Nigeria, praying over a house on fire, instead of calling on fire men, she kept shouting and praying to quench the fire through prayers; my fellow Christians, are these not enough to term it as “Religious Madness”?

As Obasi Williams will say, “let all human philosophy be wrong, but let only the word of God be the truth". Yes! Truth in the spiritual dimension; truth in the intellectual perspective because it takes only the lettered to understand that the word of God should not be translated literarily. They are parable, and allegories, used to pass messages across to humanity because our understanding is not same with that of God. God is a mysterious Being, and everything about him is a mystery. And mystery is that which eludes human understanding. My dear readers, there are thing we should resist and refused. Refuse and rebuke all this quacks who moves around parading themselves as men of God. Yes, thou shall not judge, but we should say no to anti gospel because so many have lost their happiness as a result of fake pastors, so many lose their marriages, some are dead today because a man of God told them not to go to the hospital and stay in prayer house and be receiving holy ghost fire.

 …Literary translation and      understanding of the scripture.IMPLICATIONS OF TRANSLATING THE SCRIPTURE LITERARILY:
- It is written ‘you shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’ (Luke 4:12), we all are aware of the implications of putting God to the test.
- Adulteration of the scripture; so many of them has adulterated our Bible and reprinted it in order to suit their own philosophy, proliferating fake and wrong teachings that are opposite to the main Christian teachings.
- It result to demented Christian belief.
- Death: so many has lost their lives carelessly by listening and obeying those fake teachings and attempts
- It results to religious extremism.
- Lose of sense of sacredness.

- I am suggesting proper education about the divinity. That the theological teaching of saint Anselm (Fidel et ratio – faith and reason) should be made mandatory in order to be qualified to teach or preach about Christian faith.
- Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world, 1 John 4:1. My brother, my sister, you must not be a counselor before you could dictate fake. Education plays a good role here, common sense does a good job here, so test them all.
- Avoid church prostitution
- Self-Bible studying: read it voraciously, you must pick something that will make you grow spiritually.
- Avoid unnecessary argument concerning your belief or others belief. Concentrate on what you belief.

According to Dr. Mark Sircus, It is impossible to be in the mind in an attached way and in the heart at the same time. God does come to the open hearted but rejects all the small minds that have lost the way of the heart. We the Christians are followers of Christ, and not Christ. Whatever Christ did while on earth was pre destined; and He did them while in the form of God. Therefore, we believe as Christians that Christ is God (God the son). So it is an absolute truth that humans are not God, and cannot do what God did. We are Christians, we are only to imitate Christ, and from the word ‘imitation’ we know already that it is not original. Let us brighten up our minds, think and know of what we believe in. say No to them who cause you death both physically and spiritually.


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