Have you ever noticed, or come across people sitting on the streets with a covering wrapper or small cardboard box, asking for spare of change? How often do you have the thought that there are huge numbers of people who have neither home nor job for self-sustenance? You may think perhaps, it is there fault; if they wanted, they would have it all. ‘Go find yourself a job’ is a common phrase the homeless people hears, and this phrase also add to the pains of the homeless people. Homelessness is the circumstance when people are without a permanent dwelling, such as a house or apartment. 

There are numerous objective reasons or antecedents that renders people homeless in our contemporary societies, these may include:

- Property-Destroying Disasters (PDD): this includes disasters like Typhoon, (like in Japan, Sept.2018), flood(like in the Philippines,August 2018).Etc.

- Domestic Fire: Very big number of families and individuals has lost their homes as a result of domestic fire outbreak, thus rendering them homeless.

More so, there are other factors that can render people homeless which include unhappy marriage and their results; 
-Divorce and abusive relationships are among the major factors of homelessness (homeless Resource Network). Particularly, divorce can often leave one of the spouses homeless. During divorce, spouses might need shares of properties acquired during happy marriage, but one of the spouses might be deprived of all properties including shelter.

- Domestic Violence: this also is a possible antecedent of homelessness. Although, it’s usually considered that women suffers from domestic violence more than men; is this true or false?; as a result of this, numerous people, men and women alike prefer to live on the street than stay in abusive relationships.

- Institutional Background: this can also cause some people to end up there lives in the streets,(shelter).E.g., people who served in the arm forces and participated in war conflicts can suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, which could prevent them from fitting in to their normal live, living with their families. Etc. for this reason, they face the risk of no peaceful environment and then end up on the street.

- Prison experience: prisoners are other group of individuals that can potentially become homeless in our society. A prisoner does not necessarily remain villain after getting out of jail. Moreover, such people could be unjustly convicted or detained; yet, non-criminal citizens usually deny then second chance, so they often become homeless as well. 


From my findings, or research as the case may be, the issues of modern homelessness is a broad, vast and complex, affecting too many of our neighbors and communities. From the system perspective, a society with lack of supportive and health services, a suffering economy like the Nigeria of the present time, or lack of affordable housing can be challenging for individuals on the brink of homelessness. From subjective or privy view point, obviously, homelessness is caused, not only by person’s unwillingness to work and sustain them; rather there often exist objective factors causing homelessness to people. Of course not one will just wake up and decide to start sleeping on the street for even on the street they also seeks shelter during rain or sunshine. so my advice to those of us who are lucky and privileged to have a home and shelter, please be very very careful the way we address and treat the ones we see on the streets as homeless people to avoid inflicting more afflictions into their life and causing more emotional disaster which may result to their date, maybe by suicide or other ways.


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